Hades Review

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Hades Review
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I obliterate the minions of Hades through random room after random room filled with the cloudy, lost souls hoping to send me back to where I started. I’m awarded a different upgrade after every battle. My strength grows, giving me the power I need to climb even higher as I try to reach the surface. But as always happens in games like Hades, I make a misstep, I lose all my health, and I die. I fall into a pool of blood and go back to where I started.

But when I wake up back at home, Hades reveals its true nature. It’s a game where each attempt to get to the end is a run where I battle through the world, collect some resources, and start over with new, permanent upgrades. But Hades maintains the narrative focus and charm found in Supergiant’s other titles — Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre.

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